Friday, February 6, 2009

Why being female sometimes SUCKS.

Because we have cramps, and no matter the dose of Midol still freakin hurt(the inspiration behind this post).

Because we're emotional - that's why! Tough on the outside but suckers on the inside for anything to tug at us. Like this post from one of my favorite bloggers, dooce . I mean, WTF! I don't know you at all but your daughters 5th birthday has me in tears.

Because on any given day the empty aspirin wrapper on the counter can put us over the edge screaming "Throw your shit away!"

Because we long to be the stay at home mom with kiddo dropped off at play date, attending our yoga class at 10:00 a.m., fitting into the perfect size 4, lunch with the girls, Oprah at 4, and dinner ready - but also to be the successful career woman kicking ass in the corporate world.

Because we have to spend $130.00 to have cute hair.

Because we have to live, and join into, the world of female caddiness. We are bitches people, watch out!

Because we need constant gratification, "why, yes honey, I did clean the house, THANK YOU for noticing!"(now please tell me how wonderful I am 10 more times before we go to bed)

Because no matter how we slice the routine it takes an hour to get ready - for anything.

Because we long to be creative, start projects we never finish, pretend we are photographers, and feel the need to re-decorate twice year. Do you think any straight man has EVER thought about any of these things?

Oh who am I kidding? Life is good I just felt the need today to call out some obvious reasons why I feel like we women are rockstars in our own fight.

I look at my daughter in her innocence and think, Oh lord, I hope you don't turn out like your mother. ;)

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