Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blog list!

Check out my blog list! I know that it's short compared to others but it seems like this thing is becoming contagious. There are still some of you skeptics out there but at the end of the day it's fun and it's a great way to keep everyone in the loop as we all lead our crazy lives. So, welcome to the club Carrie - http://soonerlovinglonghorn.blogspot.com. We wish you the best of luck this football season, if it gets out of control I'm sure I can find something for you to do, clean, cook, diaper to change, etc...at my house.

So people, I am hitting the wall. My last day at work is this Friday, August 15th and I am counting down. Time is standing still for me this week and I just am trying so hard to not do the downward and to the right glance at the clock on my computer. But it stares at me and haunts me. Maybe I'll just change the settings so that it reads like it's Friday and pack it up and go home. Most of you are probably cussing me at this point because YOU still have to go back to work that next Monday. Alright, I'll be quiet. Mentally I am just drained and I want to think about nothing but my baby girl, Dom, and all of the other things that make me happy. Not client issues, project schedules, emails to answer, etc...I only have a few weeks left of this pregnancy, assuming she goes 40 weeks, and I just want to soak it all in. Since I left my parents house I have never not worked - most people haven't - but I don't know what it's like to just wake up and turn on the TV, workout, eat, meet friends for lunch, run an errand, watch Oprah, etc...I'm totally okay playing the housewife role too, dinner on the table at 6 - sure! Once Brooklyn arrives I doubt those luxuries will exist but I plan on enjoying them for the next two weeks or so. Oh - and blog! I left that off my list. Not sure if I'll have interesting things to talk about every day but I'll try.

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