Tuesday, November 9, 2010


To stay consistent with several of my last posts, as few and far between as they may be, I need to talk about a very important transition. Changes. A transition that I think subconsciously I was putting off simply to slow down time...

My littlest G is sleeping in his own bed, upstairs, in his own room.

My husband and I have never had our kids sleep in our actual bed, but next to it in a bassinet. It's so much easier those first few months to just reach your arm out, find the paci, feel them breath, get up to feed them when you're a foot away. Listening to a newborn baby breath in the still of the night warms my soul.
Two weeks old.


Five months old now, ready to move more, stretch out, kick, be on.his.own.

So last week we did it. We took him upstairs to his room, laid him down in the crib, he was asleep in less than 5 minutes. My sweet little baby boy, all grown up already, I stayed there for a few minutes just soaking it all in, letting go, transitioning.


Mommy's Sippy Cup said...

It breaks my heart almost, just thinking about Davis getting so big. I am right there with you and know how you feel. I try to soak up any moment that I can with him because I know they won't last forever. :(

Glad he's sleeping well in his bed,though!! That's great :)

--Heather-- said...

brings a tear to my eye... b has been in his bed for 3 months, and when i first put him in there i was up all night checking on him! i do miss hearing him breathe

Grand Pooba said...

So bittersweet!! I would want to go sleep on the floor in his room ;o)

Together We Save said...

Oh it is so hard to let them grow up.... gulp.... by oldest is 18 and a senior this year.

Sandra said...

Yeah, you know it's time to put them in their crib when you wake up one morning and they're sitting up in the bassinett staring at you...real story!