Monday, November 9, 2009

I'd post the pictures from the zoo....

...except I don't have any. Because I flew solo and apparently am not skilled enough to do it ALL. The hubs was out of down last week, Thursday - Sunday, but that's no excuse to slow me and the little one down from being social now is it? Saturday morning I decided to pack it up and meet one of my very best friends at the zoo in San Antonio. She lives in Htown but was down visiting her SUPER PREGO sister and her two gorgeous girls. My girlfriend, Perri, has two kids of her own, and it's worth mentioning her parents and grandparents were there also. Quite the partaaay!

I left my house at 8:30 Saturday morning which in and of itself is borderline miraculous. Not that we don't do this on any given weekday, but moving that fast on Saturday too, yeah I know, pat on the back to me. Diaper bag packed, sippy cups, snacks, toys for the drive, the stroller, basics covered. Grabbed the camera too because I'm a good mom like that. Ya know, capturing the moments.

I made it on time and we got the crazy train going. Brooklyn was in the stroller, had the camera out ready and waiting and off we went. This was her 3rd trip to a zoo - the Austin zoo was just hot and lame, and she was too little to care when we took her to the Central Park zoo. First stop was the monkeys, which she absolutely loved since every animal sound we ask her to make is a monkey. We ventured into the aquarium section next and all she kept saying loudly over and over was "WHOA!" On to the a cave like structure to see the hippo's and alligators, and that's when it all started to fall apart. A mobile 14 month old with so much stimulation surrounding is OVER the stroller. Especially when she's the youngest of the 5 kiddos and everyone else is walking around. So, I made the mistake of letting her get down and that's when it was all over. One arm pushing the stroller, chasing her, picking her back up, pulling her off of things to climb, whoops there goes the sippy cup, "Brooklyn stop!", damn, I forgot the stroller!, shit my iPhone is sitting out in the cup holder!, etc...

I would entice her with crackers and LIFE cereal to get back in the stroller only to realize the next few exhibits she couldn't see unless I got her out and held her up to see the big animals. Damnit. But, that part was totally worth it as she yet again kept saying 'WHOA!' and then did her version of a roar when we saw the lions. She whispers it, have no idea where she got that from.

Needless to say by the time we left the zoo my hair was pulled up, I was sweating, the stroller was covered with crumbs, and I had a tired pup on my hands. Was so fun and so worth it, but: NOT ONE SINGLE FREAKIN PICTURE. Because yeah, like I said, I apparently am not talented enough to figure out how in the hell to manage that. I've said this before but again, hats off to single parents.

Anyone good at photoshop? ;)

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