Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My life on the 'M' list...

M as in Motherhood.

Warning: Do not continue reading if you are afraid or grossed out by baby poop and/or the topic of breast feeding.

I never thought the day would come that I used these words "Yay poopy!". But I did, it happened. My poor daugher is now exclusively on formula, the boobs just decided one day that they were done. Breastfeeding is out the door. I made it 4 1/2 months, and wanted to go a bit longer but nature has a way of doing what it wants. I was upset, briefly, but have now put my daughters health in the hands of a jar of powder. Good smelly powder too.

So back to the important stuff, poop. When Brooklyn was born the nurses asked that we record every time she has a dirty diaper, they want to make sure there is at least one #2 like substance in a 24 hour period. Brooklyn, no lie, had like 7 or 8. Since then she has been more than regular, until this last weekend. She hadn't gone in almost 48 hours and had a terrible day Sunday. Cried and cried, Dom and I both were just staring blankly not sure what to do with her. Monday we took her to her sitter as we both had to go to work and it was a BAD morning for her. Apparently crying until she started sweating. The night before we gave her some apple juice in her bottle, and again that morning. We picked her up that evening, got home and fed again, and then it happened. It was loud, smelly, and AWESOME. And I said it, "Yay poopy!". I was so proud and happy for this little one who had been so uncomfortable. Relief, finally, and she was all smiles.

It is amazing how life on the M list just gets better every day. It's the simple things in life, like a good pile o shit diaper, that make us happy.

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Courtney said...

She is so tiny and cute! Its amazing how you will cheer for poop now with a little one huh? I am cheering for poop now too with potty training. She is so precious!