Tuesday, November 4, 2008

History in the making

Election night and here I sit. I'm hoping you all voted, it's a shame if you didn't as this is the time that everyone's voice should be heard. I won't say who got my vote at this point as there are some things that I just prefer to keep to myself. My primary reason is to avoid getting into pointless debates driven largely by what the media has quoted, I just prefer to educate myself and make my choice. I do have one suggestion, can we get something besides a sticker? I mean really, we've spent countless hours over the past few months engulfed in this race and all we get is a freakin sticker. Lame. Maybe an Obama or McCain foam finger?

Another historic moment that occured this past week is Brooklyn's 8 week milestone. Way to go baby girl! She's doing awesome and talks to Dom and I more and more every day. Gettng smiles now and I look forward to every morning I wake up with her. She's my angel.

Not only is she an angel she is also a ladybug - temporarily. I couldn't resist putting her in costume this Halloween even though she has no clue what's going on. The only thing that came out of it are pictures that I will forever have to show her as she gets older. One of them will for sure make it in her high school graduation video collage of embarassing photos.

I look forward to making more memories like these, it's all part of history in the making, for Brooklyn we'll call it 'herstory'.

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