Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Party animals!

Ok, not really. But we were quite social this weekend, starting Friday night with dinner at my parents house. My dad was in town from Oklahoma City and Rob was home too, we had a great time and I have realized I no longer matter. Brooklyn is all anyone wants to see or cares about at this point, I am no longer in any kind of spotlight - not even a flashlight.

Saturday night Grandma & Grandma (yet to be named by B) watched Brooklyn for Dom and I and we headed out downtown. First stop was the rooftop at Whole Foods for a suprise party, got to see a lot of folks and picked up a couple coozies compliments of the party. Happy Birthday Aaron, hope you had a good time and I'm glad Texas won or your party probably would have sucked. ;)

We left there and went to Maggie Mae's for Steve's bday and it was there that I got to enjoy a FEW cold CCL's with Quiroz and DeLorme, and it had been a long time coming. Lots of other folks showed up to celebrate with Steve and we had a blast. I ended the night with a TC run, breakfast tacos after a night of drinking never tasted so good. Dom was the designated driver that night which also translates to baby duty so I got some sleep and didn't pay for my night too much on Sunday!

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